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Fonts (typefaces)

At present, there is a single font in this section Chant Times, a font which contains accents for pointing Psalms and canticles.

Chant Times


Chant Times is a typical transitional serif face (that is, a Times-like typeface). Its distinctive feature is that it includes special characters for use in chanting psalms and canticles - a round mark above a character indicates an inline note change, and a long mark above a character indicates an end of line note change. This notation is based on a system of Br. Reginald SSF. The particular benefits of this system are that it is simple to follow (each note change is marked against a syllable) and that short note changes look like crotchets (small black dot) and long or final note changes are indicated by a long dash above the syllable (indicating greater emphasis).


CHANTIME.TTF is a TrueType font for Microsoft Windows. Only a 'roman' version of the font has been produced so far (not bold or italic). It has been put into a Zip file with an accompanying text file: CTREADME.TXT (and a PDF version of the file: CHANTTIMES CHARCODES.PDF which contains the embedded ChantTimes font so that it can be viewed or printed even if not installed on your system). Once the zipped file has been downloaded, you can unzip it and install the font in Windows. Don't forget to read the text file for details of how to use the pointing system (or simply print the PDF version).

Download CHANTIME.ZIP now (size of zip file: 47 KB)


The pointing or emphasis marks are combined with each vowel in the alphabet (upper and lower case) so that any syllable can be pointed. In addition to the 'short' and 'long' marks, a 'double dot' is used to indicate that two note changes take place on the same syllable. These 'special' characters are typed through the keyboard, just like an accented character, such as e-acute (hold down ALT and type numeric code). The full details are listed in the zipped text file.

If you want to know more about the pointing system used by this font see the book Make music to our God: how we sing the Psalms by Br. Reginald Box SSF (Published by SPCK / Alcuin Club in 1996 - ISBN 0-281-04932-7).