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This part of the site contains some liturgical resources. Developed in the context of Anglican worship, it is hoped the material will be of use to others.

Cycles of Prayer

This section includes a two-month general cycle of prayer, a three-month cycle for the religious life, and some files for the Bristol Diocesan Cycle of Prayer.

Light Prayers

Light prayers are used in the 'Service of Light' or Lucernarium, which may be used as an introduction to evening prayer.

Advent and Christmas -- Daily Prayers and Readings

A leaflet containing some ideas and prayers for celebrating Advent at home, with weekly collects and list of daily readings (a PDF file -- A5 format, use Adobe Reader 'booklet' option to make it into an A4 folded booklet).

Lent to Easter -- Daily Prayer and Readings

A leaflet that contains a short form of daily prayer, weekly collects, and daily readings (taken from the Daily Eucharistic Lectionary), with a short quotation from one of them. (This is a PDF file -- A5 size pages that can be printed as an A4 folded booklet using Adobe Reader's 'print booklet' facility)

Baptism Resources

The text of the Common Worship service of Holy Baptism integrated with A Service of the Word, suitable for adults and children

School Prayers

Prayers for use in collective worship in schools and school services in church

Special Services or Liturgies

The texts of services for special and specific occasions

Marriage and relationships resources

Contains a printable version of the 'renewal of vows' or Thanksgiving for Marriage service

Funeral and bereavement resources

Contains a funeral vigil for someone who has committed suicide, and a prayer used at the exhumation of a body.

Prayers for tsunami victims

Some prayers for those effected by tsunamis, earthquakes etc.

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