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Funeral and Bereavement Resources

Hymns for funerals

Here is a file of hymn texts for funerals; the version of the hymns is as in the 'Common Praise' hymnbook: Funeral hymn texts

A Funeral Vigil / Vigil for the Deceased

This short service, available as a PDF format leaflet is intended for use in cases where the deceased has taken his or her own life. The service can be used the evening before the funeral. Although there is liturgy for a funeral vigil in the Church of England Common Worship Pastoral Services book, this begins with the opening response: V/ O Lord, open our lips, R/ and our mouth shall proclaim your praise. This is not likely to be a helpful start in the case of a suicide. The attached liturgy is therefore offered as a service which is more sensitive to these circumstances.

There are two files, one for each side of an A4 page (there are six A5 size pages in total).
Download PDF file (31 Kb) Funeral vigil - side 1
Download PDF file (30 Kb) Funeral vigil - side 2

Exhumation prayer

It seems that prayers are not commonly said at exhumations; rather these are more usually said at a reburial service. However, in a particular case that occurred, using a prayer at the exhumation was helpful. In this case, a baby's body was being exhumed and moved to another country for reburial. The prayer therefore reflects these circumstances. The parents were not present at the exhumation but were given a copy of this prayer. When the exhumation had been carrie dout and the mortal remains were ready to be moved, a short service was held consisting of: a sentence of scripture; the prayer below; the Lord's Prayer; an ending.

O God,
our Lord and heavenly Father,
we give thanks for the life you have breathed into humanity,
and we remember before you now the life of N,
who has gone before us to your nearer presence.

As the mortal remains of N are taken to another place of rest,
we put our trust in you.
May those who bear responsibility in this process
show care and compassion,
and be given wisdom and skill,
and may the journey's end be reached
safe in your presence.

In your great mercy comfort those who grieve,
and grant that all who look to you
may continually grow in hope and faith
until they come to know the fullness of your love
in the glory of your eternal kingdom,
where all your children rejoice in your holy presence for ever;
through your Son our Saviour Jesus Christ.

Colin Lunt